Monday, May 17, 2010

AC Schnitzer BMW Z4

Take the first ascent of the 8,848 metre high Mount Everest, the expeditions to the poles or the dive into the 11 km deep canyon of the Mariana Trench. There have always been individuals and extreme characters who have pushed our boundaries and discovered new terrain. An extreme region for automotive tuners, where only a few venture, has always been the BMW M-series cars, in particular the uncompromising Z4 M-Coupé, a thoroughbred driving machine.

But the fact that the limits of this extraordinary car are far from reached is evident from the new concept vehicle by AC Schnitzer - the PROFILE - even at first glance. Classic engine tuning hauls the power of the high-revving six-cylinder in-line plant to a robust 350 HP. Not only is a special "active breathing" airbox used, but the engine control unit has been remapped. But power alone isn't enough to get the maximum from an athletic heart. So the modified rear axle ratio of 3.91:1 provides better sprint capacity, while the perfectly smooth transmission with the AC Schnitzer Short Shift ensures crisp changes by the driver.

And as you listen to the sonorous baritone note of the left/right sports exhaust system with the trapezoid tailpipes, you could be deceived into thinking that the driver is not changing gears, but playing some kind of a musical instrument. A feast for all the senses: Visually the stunning colour combination of white-orange casts its spell and perfectly enhances the exquisite contours of the AC Schnitzer bodykit. From the front skirt with its suggestive cup-wings via the widened wheelarches and flanks with the gill-like vents - as already used on the legendary BMW 507- the dynamic line is drawn over the bulging side skirts to the rear skirt with carbon diffuser.

The whole is crowned by a rear spoiler and a fascinatingly styled roof wing. The forged alloy Type V wheels from the standard AC Schnitzer collection are a work of art in themselves. Filigree design yet with an air of solidity, in size 9.0J x 20" at the front and 10.0J x 20" at the rear, these wheels are the perfect adornment combined with tyres size 235/30 ZR 20 front and 295/25 ZR 20 rear.

But traction alone isn't everything, and the dynamics are supported by the AC Schnitzer suspension with its racing heritage, set up in the Green Hell of the Nürburgring. An aluminium strut brace in "Racing" style not only catches the eye but limits the torsion of the front body. Thanks to the AC Schnitzer racing seats, the driver always holds position. And the carbon interior trim and pedal set, with decor elements of aluminium, radiate pure racing flair. Could there be a better place to experience the limits of potential?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon

The falcon has always been a born fighter, the bird of warriors and a status symbol of the mighty and powerful. The peregrine falcon, with a dive speed of more than 200 km/h, is the fastest bird in the world. With its broad "wings" the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon also presents a majestic aura. The new widening kit for the front and rear wings perfectly harmonises with the existing accessory range.

While other cars rely on puffed-up looks the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon has a lot of power under the hardened plumage: the 3.0 litre diesel engine, which as standard delivers 210 kW and 286 HP, has been electronically upgraded by AC Schnitzer to give an impressive 228 kW/310 HP. The maximum torque has also risen from 580 to 680 Nm.

Behind the perfectly integrated, chromed tailpipe trims in "Racing" style - in the form of a horizontal figure of eight - lies the sonorous exhaust system with two sports rear silencers of V2A special steel.

Suspension Technology

With subtle lowering thanks to the new suspension kit, AC Schnitzer has given the BMW X5 Falcon impressive manoeuvrability of a level which is scarcely believable from such a mighty vehicle. Just like its natural namesake, famous for being able to change its direction in flight in a flash. So it's no surprise that the elegant falcon has virtually no natural predators.

Body Work

The new widening kit for the front and rear wings - as already mentioned - perfectly harmonises with the existing accessory range from the Aachen-based tuner.

Especially in combination with the front skirt element with its spoiler corners and indicated drive-under protection, at first sight it gives the SUV the supremely confident aura of the fighter.

The image of the "bird of prey" has been further emphasised by Designer Michele Viandante by the two triangular metal-rimmed air intakes in the bonnet.

And faced with the imposing rear end, who would dare to get too close to the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon? With its strong contours, the AC Schnitzer spoiler skirt has a muscular, masculine appearance.


The occupants of the AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon however notice the performance from a different aspect. The interior range from AC Schnitzer includes not only a 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel and aluminium pedal set, but also numerous decor elements in carbon or aluminium.

The Aachen-based tuner has even designed a new i-Drive controller. In the end, AC Schnitzer always has an eye for attractive details.
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