Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ford Fiesta Cars Available to Buy New

The Fiesta, a super-mini is still considered to be one hot car that is perfect for city or urban driving. True enough, not everyone wants to drive a small and light car but for those who want to have compact cars then the Ford Fiesta is one car to boot for. It is generally good looking, fuel efficient and affordable. Its greatest strength for most owners is its reliability. Even though it is a compact car, it is one of the super-minis which has much legroom and headroom. You can also have other options for your chosen Fiesta - Bluetooth, voice control or even satellite navigation.

The Fiestas come in different types. Many love the Fiesta Studio but the Ford Fiesta Style has more specifications. Up on the Fiesta range is the Fiesta Zetec Climate that is actually a sporty version. If you want to have a luxurious Fiesta, then the Fiesta Ghia can be yours for the taking. Of course, Fiesta ST is rally car inspired.

For the Ford Fiesta's sale in USA, two models are available - hatchback or coupe. The hatchback is in European style and can be described as sporty. The coupe, on the other hand, is quite flashy with its two-door style.

Another version of the Ford Fiesta is the RS. The Fiesta RS is considered to be an upgrade to the rally inspired Fiesta ST. It is expected to be released in the UK this 2010. The Fiesta plants in various countries like China, Spain and Mexico.

Buying the a supermini is one very good move if you are looking for a practical car. It is fuel efficient but at the same time good looking so it is best for driving around the city. It is no big wonder why the Fiesta is one of the best selling compact cars in many European countries. And since it is now making its way to the American market, all we have to do is to test whether it be as big as the European hit.

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