Friday, October 30, 2009

Sport Car Renault

Sport Car Renault
London - Renault dismissed the circulation of news that the French car maker is delaying sports car project. Renault even made sure to launch a new sports model, the Alpine as soon as possible.

As reported by, quoting a source from Renault, said that Renault Alpine ready for launch in 2011. Renault Product Development Leader Patrick Pelata explained that the price is very affordable Alpine Renault, because it uses the basic ingredients of light, and very easy to drive.

"In accordance with the concept of our company since the 1950s, a model Alpine car identical to the lightweight construction and affordable price. Our concern is to keep the characteristics of this car," said Pelata.

Alpine Renault powered four-cylinder engine equipped with Turbocharge. With this machine, then become rivals Renault Alpine heavy Mazda MX-5. This sports car scheduled to be sold in Europe at a price of 20 thousand pounds or 360 million rupiah (1 pound = 18 thousand rupiah).

Meanwhile, the platform that will be used in Alpine still has not delivered. However, some sources say that the concept of Alpine will use Nissan's Urge concept two seater that has shown to the public by Nissan in the year 2006.

Nissan Urge concept car itself is a small version of the Nissan 350Z. "The idea of the Nissan Urge very bright. I really like it," explained Patrick Pelata.

Guaranteed that Alpine Renault will be a joint project Nissan and Renault. However, Patrick Pelata suggests that this cooperation is cooperation that involves two independent companies. "We only work if there are benefits in both parties," added Patrick Pelata.

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